Why Beer is Drink of Choice

I know why beer is the drink of choice in Germany.  It’s because it is cheaper than water or pop.

Okay, maybe that’s not why it’s so popular, but it’s why I would order it.  When out to dinner in Germany, tap water is not an option.  Bubbly mineral water is what you will receive if you order water.  You must specifically ask for still water if you want the kind without bubbles.   It is not uncommon for our drink tab to be equal to our food, even when all we have ordered is water and pop.  To me that is crazy!  It causes me to drink the bare minimum when we are out to eat.

This is not only in Germany, I must say.  When we were in the Netherlands, we got an English version of the menu at a café.  It said in capital letters at the bottom, WE WILL NOT SERVE TAP WATER.   I guess this is strange to me because in Greece we were often given pitchers of tap water at our meals.  Some places only served bottled water, but we found if we asked we could get tap water.  The only place we have been able to get tap water so far is at a Greek restaurant. Go figure.

My beloved Coke is also expensive in restaurants.  Another difference here is that it is served without ice and more often than not I find it to be flat.   I have decided that it just isn’t worth it to order it.   Since pop and water are pricey, you might as well order beer or wine and at least get a little kick with your beverage!

I read somewhere that they believe if you order tap water it is for your dog.  Dogs are allowed just about everywhere in Germany and the Netherlands too.  This is something that I absolutely love.  You will be out to eat and suddenly you will notice a dog under the table.  At the café we went to in the Netherlands, there was a round table of about eight people and each of them had their dog with them.  A McDonalds in the Netherlands had four dogs bowls inside the restaurant for their hound patrons.   What I don’t know is how they get their dogs to behave so well in restaurants.  They are so good that you don’t even know they are there!

Check out this dog at Starbucks!IMG_2594                                  (And there is a bassinet stroller I mentioned in a previous post)