Paris Part Deux

My most recent trip to Paris, which was my second time there, left quite an impression.

The first time I went was during my college summer study abroad in Spain.  I did a long weekend with some friends and we took in all the sights; museums, Seine cruise, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Latin Quarter, Champs Elysees, and the Arc de Triomphe.  However, I left that trip, never wanting or expecting to return.  Don’t get me wrong, the sites were all great, but the overall impression I had of Paris was not a good one.

Boy, am I glad I gave it a second chance!  This trip left me enamored with the charm and beauty of the city of lights!

I think part of the problem with the first trip was that I was a college student on a cheap budget.  I was also travelling with some vegetarians (whom I love), so our dining options were limited.  A hotel employee yelled us at when we checked in.  He made a rude comment about us “Americans.” That definitely started us out on a sour note.  My friends and I were also not adventurous when it came to food.  I hate to admit that we ate at some American fast food joints because they were cheap and had vegetarian options.   I also think we just were not hanging out in the right part of the city

This trip was totally different.   We stayed in the 7th arrondissement near the Eiffel Tower.   Our hotel was in the perfect location to the tower, a metro, restaurants, and Rue Cler.   We felt like we were in quintessential Paris with beautiful buildings, shops, and cafes.   I think having the ability to stay at a nice hotel in a nice area was key.  We could step out our door and become a part of the city with the locals.

We had some amazing food this time around.   It included LOTS of meat! Yum!  And LOTS of dessert!  Double yum!  Crème Brulee, macaroons, apple tart, chocolate mousse.  Oh la la!  I also think I may have had one of the best cups of coffee in my life.   Most likely it was just because it was café au lait in PARIS!

I think the main reason this trip was so special was because I was there with my sweeties.  Paris is truly a city for lovers.   When I walked around this time hand in hand with my love, I could just feel the energy of love all around.   I really couldn’t stop smiling.

My husband was shocked that I didn’t like Paris on my first trip.  He said, “What’s not to like?”  He also said that this was unlike any city we had ever been to.  We felt like the city itself was a museum and everything we laid eyes on was a masterpiece.  My only regret is that we didn’t have more time here.  Two days were not enough.

I left this time wanting and longing to go back to Paris again!

(Side note to some of my other posts:  Tap water was FREE in Paris and was given at every restaurant!)