Catnap’s New Meaning

As if nap time weren’t already hard enough for me, it got even more challenging today.

For starters, our new living situation made it difficult to get the baby to sleep.  Back home, I used to rock her swaddled up until she fell asleep, at which point I would put her in the crib.   When we got here it was extremely hot, so I had to ditch the warm swaddle.   In addition, I had no rocker.  The only thing that worked was nursing her to sleep.

Now nursing is the only way I can get her to sleep.  It is something I have been struggling with in my mind because I can’t foresee how it will end.  She doesn’t know how to soothe herself to sleep.   At bedtime, I can get her into her crib after nursing, but for naps I pretty much end up holding her because she wakes up when I try to set her down. That means I spend a lot of time each day with her in my arms.

Well, I think this makes someone jealous.  That someone is my cat, Zoe.   She has always loved to snuggle with me.   She sleeps on me at night, often on my chest.   When the baby was waking up one or two times a night and I would crawl back to bed, Zoe would be there to hop right up on my chest to get her snuggle time in. 

She wasn’t allowed in the baby’s room at home, but here there is no lock on the door and she can easily push it open.  I tried to barricade it with a basket, but she still gets in.  From time to time, when I am nursing the baby in her room, Zoe will push in a walk around. 

Today she took it up a notch.

While the baby was sleeting, a word borrowed from a friend, which means sleeping and eating at the same time, Zoe pushed her way in and hopped up on my lap; a lap that was already filled by the baby.  She stepped over the baby and up onto my neck/chest where she stayed and purred.  Eventually, she migrated down to my legs and snuggled in there until the baby woke up an hour later.

Tonight, when I went up to nurse the baby at nighttime, I found the crib already occupied by Zoe!  I took her out, put her outside the room and shut the door.   Fifteen minutes into nursing the baby, she was back.   She hopped right up and proceeded to inch her way up my neck.  This time she had her front paws on my shoulder, head lying on the back of the chair, and her butt rested on the baby, who didn’t even budge.  She purred and seemed to fall asleep.

I took her off so I could put the baby in the crib and she left the room.  Unfortunately, the baby woke up and I had to nurse her some more to get her back to bed.   In the meantime, Zoe came back and hopped into the crib, where she gave herself a thorough bath.   I figured she would hop out when I laid the baby in. Nope.  I lay the baby down and Zoe stayed contently curled up at the other end of the crib.

I wish I had a picture of all of these different scenes.   They would be perfect for the baby book.   We’ll see if this is a one-time thing or a new piece of the daily routine.  Though I had two hot bodies on me, at least I got to snuggle with my two favorite girls at once.


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