House Shoes and Carbonation: How To Be German #1 and #9 (and 27)

I am continuing my quest to fulfill Adam Fletcher’s How to Be German in 50 Easy Steps.

Rule number one instructs that when you get out of your double bed made of two single mattresses and two single duvets, you MUST put on your house shoes.   This description fits our bed exactly.  Our house was fully furnished for us, including bedding.   The bedrooms where guest house ready the day we moved in.  I did find it peculiar that on our double bed there were two separate duvets instead of one.   This book shows me that that is the norm, so case closed.

Greeks also use house shoes because the floor is often tiled so it’s cold on your bare feet.   Greeks don’t often have carpeting because of the hot weather, though they will have area rugs.  While we lived there, however, I never got myself a pair of house shoes.  I never wore slippers at home, so I knew I would never where them.  I just wore socks around the house instead.

I wasn’t sure what the flooring situation would be like in Germany.   Our home here if fully covered in hard wood.   This is what I have back in the states too, so I don’t really see a difference.  But in following the How to Be German Rules (which by the way covers rule #27: Stick to the Rules), I have my sister’s extra special house shoes to use while we are here.  They are extra special because they look like Smurf shoes and because they are extra German being that they are Birkenstocks.

I can also cross #9 off this list, which is drink Apfelsaftschorle.  Basically, it’s carbonated apple juice. Germans seem to love their carbonated beverages.   If you order water at a restaurant, you will be brought mineral water, not still water.  It just doesn’t quench my thirst.  I think it makes me more thirsty.   My husband says, that the water they are given during the basketball games is also carbonated.   He can’t do tolerate it either and brings his own large bottles of still water to all his practices and games.  Apfelsaftschorle was okay, but I would just prefer to have regular apple juice.  They do seem to love Coke too.  That’s a carbonated beverage I can get behind!


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